Truelifesciences Holdings is an established Malaysian company known for its innovative “Nutraceuticals” range of products that help people lead healthier lives. Since its conception in 2012, the company is continuously developing products to help address the need for disease prevention and treatment.

Truelifesciences Holdings believe that Nutraceutical supplements were previously alternative medication that have now become a part of the mainstream diet. We aim to use our core strength in innovation, technology and regulatory expertise while capturing cross-divisional synergies in manufacturing, research and sales to provide the best possible products to benefit people with different needs and health concerns.

Our Mission

To empower and enrich lives by educating and providing quality health products for the betterment of individuals.

Our Vision

To instil in every individual the importance of healthy living.

Our Commitment

To produce supplements that are formulated with only the finest quality nutrients that are designed to align with advanced nutritional biochemistry methods for improved absorption and superior cellular utilization- natural with effective treatment properties.

Contact Us

We’re more happy to introduce ourselves and provide you all the information!

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