Elekiban works on the magnetism that improves the intramuscular blood circulation and the vicious cycle that causes stiffness and relaxes muscular stiffness.

Stiffness is a condition in which tension and fatique have accumulated, causing the muscles to contract and become thicker and harder.The muscles that have become hard compress the blood vessels and aggravate the blood flow, resulting in accumulation of wastes. The stimulation of these wastes causes the muscles to tighten even further falling into the vicious cycle of stiffness. The magnetism of elekiban suppresses the degrading enzyme cholinesterase so that Acetylcholine which is a vasodilating substance that helps to dilate the blood vessels. When the blood vessels are dilated, more blood circulation can reach that particular area that is stiff by draining out waste and improve oxygen levels.

Product Description

  • Elekiban promotes blood circulation and eliminates deep fatigue. It uses permanent magnet, without force reducing.
  • Usage of natural magnetic principle, no chemical contained.
  • Elekiban uses long lasting adhesive plaster, can be attached up to 5 days without falling.
  • Breathable and gentle to the skin.
  • No smell and non-irritating, waterproof and
  • Improves stiffness by improving blood circulation and drains out waste.
  • Improves stiffness and circulation- not only in the shoulders but also the arms, back, lower back and legs.

Suitable for,

  • People who suffer from stiffness and tension
  • People who suffer from chronic stiffness
  • People who do lots of office work
  • People who always on smart phone or computers for long time
  • People who have back pain
  • People who stand for a long time
  • People who suffer from low blood circulation

Not suitable for,

  • Patients with pacemakers
  • Implanted medical devices
  • Malignant tumours
  • Pregnancy


PIP elekiban 80mT for Normal stiffness (24’S)

PIP elekiban 130mT for Frequent stiffness (24’s)

PIP elekiban 200mT for serious stiffness (12’s)


Apply 2-3 patches on the affected area.

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