A natural wound healing cream with Channa striatus extract as its main ingredient. The wound healing properties of Channa striatus are attributed to its fatty acid and amino acid composition. The 2 main components are Glycine and Arachidonic acid which promotes wound healing by initiating collagen synthesis and reepithelisation of cells in the damaged tissue.

Product Description:

Skin-Fix cream has these unique features

  • Non steroid
  • Fast healing time
  • Natural extract
  • Moisten the skin
  • Non greasy
  • No scar formation


  • Wound healing
  • Post operation
  • Burns
  • Hot water splash
  • Dry skin
  • Cracked Skin
  • Pimples

Other key ingredients in Channa striatus include;

  • Beta Actin which is involved in cell migration and cell motility to enhance the fundamental process essential for wound healing and immune response.
  • Galactin-8 to promote growth of new capillaries from existing blood vessels. This action is called Angiogenesis.
  • Calponin-2 which is an actin binding protein that plays an important role in the migration of endothelial cells and proper vascular development.
  • Myoglobin to supply oxygen and other essential components to the damaged tissues.
  • Heat Shock protein 70 increases wound closure by increasing macrophage phagocytosis process.

1 tube of 20gm

Apply twice daily (external use only)

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