Happy Malaysia Day from Wellesta Truelife! 

Happy Malaysia Day from Wellesta Truelife! 

The Kidneys are one of the most important vital organs that should be taken care throughout a person’s lifetime.
It plays an important role to regulate the blood pressure. High levels of Uric Acid cleared through the kidneys will increase the risk of gout and kidney stones.

Vitamin D helps to protect against early kidney disease and therefore helps prevent high blood pressure commonly associated with kidney disease whereby 1 in 5 hypertensive patients will end up with CKD.

Getting an accurate blood pressure measurement is critical to making decisions about treatment. Blood pressure can be controlled by reducing fructose,regular exercise, staying hydrated and restricting protein especially animal based protein.

In the American journal of Clinical Nutrition 2016,Dec ;104(6):1534-1544 they did a double blind, randomized study on the effects of whey protein on lowering blood pressure and the results was very significant.Whey protein lowers blood pressure and improves endothelial function and lipid biomarkers in adults. Among the results were significant reduction in 24hrs ambulatory BP with a P value of <0.05. Significant reduction in peripheral and central systolic pressure P<0.01.

The other key important factor is to keep the uric acid levels at bay. While a high uric acid levels was associated with the development of gout, a reduction in uric acid has demostrated the ability to lower blood pressure in a teen population. Researchers from Baylor College of Medicine found half the teenagers enrolled in their study with newly diagnosed high blood pressure and higher than normal levels of uric acid responded well when levels of uric acid was reduced.This was discovered by Dr Daniel Feig nephrologist at Baylor College of Medicine.

Eating potassium rich foods have been shown to reduce gout attacks.The potassium will help to alkalize the urine and help the body to excrete uric acid.A proper balance inside and outside your cells is crucial for your body to function properly.If you eat a highly processed diet you may not get enough potassium.

The products that would definately help the kidneys to improve its health would be TFF LP200, Wellness, Tart Uric and PH alkalizer. TFF LP 200 contains the 100% whey protein, Tart uric reduces uric acid levels naturally, PH alkalizer contains the alkalising minerals amd is potassium rich to alkalize the urine and excrete uric acid.

Preservation of the kidneys needs a Lifestyle change and determination but the good thing is, it can be done! Happy World Kidney Day 2020.


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Supplementing your body with the correct antioxidant will give you the protection. Insist on natural extract of antioxidant and stay away from synthetic or chemically derived ones.