Happy Men’s Health Month!

Happy Men’s Health Month!

Greetings from Wellesta Truelife! 

June 1st marks the start of Men’s Health Awareness Month. It honours the importance of health and wellness of men. June was chosen as the month for Men as Father’s Day also falls on the same month, hence it is used to give extra attention to male family members. This month gives the opportunity for the public to educate themselves on how to improve the state of men’s health and create awareness of preventable health problems. Besides that, it is dedicated to encouraging early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. 

Men are more prone to certain diseases compared to women. Such diseases include heart diseases, respiratory diseases, kidney and liver diseases. Therefore, Wellesta Truelife would like to highlight our range of products suitable for men’s health.

Jigar is formulated to maintain a healthy liver by protecting it from toxins. It is a formulation that acts as a liver tonic to keep it healthy.

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TTG 420 is suitable for men with low libido. It raises testerone level, improves semen volume and increases sperm quality.

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Emblic -AG is a natural formulation that effectively reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels gradually with main ingredients that consist of Aged Garlic and Emblica Officinalis Extract.

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