9th of May signifies the celebration of mothers around the world. Endless work and hectic schedule cause mothers to have very little time to take care of themselves. Therefore, Wellesta Truelife offers various products to help nourish the health of mothers.

Strengthen immune systems with Frusinea 3.0. A natural blend of 11 vegetables and 11 fruits based on mediterranean diet which is packed with antioxidants of 30,000 ORAC value. 

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Prevent wrinkles and aging with  Koji San, an exclusive drink formula to improve skin texture and complexion. It contains 3 key ingredients for  UV protection, anti-aging, brightening and firming effects.

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Achieve your desired weight in a healthy and natural way with SLIMix. Easy to drink with delicious lime flavour to detoxify your body, relieve constipation, fight free radicals and regulate metabolism for a healthy weight loss.

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