It’s back to school season!

It’s back to school season!

It’s finally time to return to school where students get to reunite and meet their friends after a long period of studying from home. Aside from this exciting news, parents would be worried for their kids to enter school grounds in this pandemic. Worry less with essentials like Air-Pur masks, ELVIDOR 70 hand sanitisers and our immune system boosters Frusinea 3.0!

Our Frusinea 3.0 is great to be taken daily as an immune booster and treats flu, sore throat, cough and fever. Frusinea uses Meditrine A-11TM, a formulation from France that includes 11 fruits & 11 vegetables that are packed in antioxidants! Simply start their day with 1 sachet of Frusinea to boost their immune system before going to school!


Besides immune boosters, what matters most to students is their ability to focus. Firra Fruit and Quinol are both great to increase our focus and alertness! Firra Fruit maintains the iron levels of the body which provides sufficient oxygen to the brain and increases focus! While Quinol boosts our energy levels in the body and helps us focus better and stay alert!

PIP ELEKIBAN 80 will also be a much needed essential for those who suffer from neck stiffness from long hours of studying and writing!

Best wishes to all students for a successful school term from Truelifesciences.

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