Chantiva 450

The Chantiva 450 contains Haruan or Snakehead fish which was once a traditional folk remedy for wounds and after surgery supplement.

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112 in stock



Now we have the scientific evidence and trials to support the therapeutic dosage and safety of this traditional folk remedy the Chantiva 450.

Haruan or Snakehead Fish is a predaceous fish that is widely known for its wound healing properties. It belongs to the Channidae fish family and goes by its scientific name of Channa striatus. The wound healing properties of Channa striatus are attributed to its fatty acid and amino acid composition. The 2 main components are namely Glycine and Arachidonic acid which promotes wound healing by initiating collagen synthesis and reepithelization of cells in the damaged tissue.

Evidence Based Natural Remedy for Wound Healing.

Product Description:

Other key ingredients in Channa striatus include;

  1. Beta Actin which is involved in cell migration and cell motility to enhance the fundamental process essential for wound healing and immune response.
  2. Galactin – 8 is to promote growth of new capilaries from existing blood vessels. This action is called Angiogenesis.
  3. Calponin – 2 is an actin binding protein which plays an important role in the migration of endothelial cells and proper vascular development.
  4. Myoglobin is to supply oxygen and other essential components to the damaged tissues.
  5. Heat Shock protein 70- increase wound closure by increasing macrophage phagocytosis process.

Packing: 1 box of 60’s tablet.


1 tablet 2 times daily after meals.