A natural way to regulate blood sugar levels, Glycemea is suitable for those with a family history of diabetes, poor control of blood sugar levels, weight watchers, current diabetes sufferers with poor glucose control despite taking drugs or those looking for alternative remedies.



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Contains cinnamon extract that increases insulin sensitivity thus allowing glucose to move more efficiently into cells.

In a study which involved 543 people with type 2 diabetes, the average plasma glucose reduced significantly after 6 weeks of taking the cinnamon extract with an average decrease of 1.33mmol/l.

A N-glyce which is a polypeptide P that is extracted from bitter gourds has insulin like hypoglycaemic protein. For patients that have problems with their blood sugar level due to the insufficient insulin produced by their pancreas, Glycemea helps mimic the action of human insulin in the body which then helps patients control their blood sugar level.

Contains the patented Meditrine A-11 which is a Mediterranean formula consisting 11 fruits and 11 vegetables which will reduce oxidative stress levels that is one of the main culprit in the development of nearly every chronic disease.

Packaging: 1 box of 18’s sachets x 5g


1 sachet in the morning mixed in 75ml cool water 15 minutes before breakfast.