Jigar 30’s

Jigar contains a formulation that acts as a liver tonic to keep it healthy.

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29 in stock

29 in stock



Jigar contains:

  1. Silybum Marianum seed extract (Milk thisle) which has 65% of silibinin that is a flavonoid that helps in protecting the liver cells.
    This extract:
    – strengthens the outer membrane of the liver cells
    – fights DNA damage and inhibit cancer cells growth while reducing the number of toxins that enters the cells
    – prevents the scarring in liver tissues
  2. Cynara scolymus leaf extract (Artichoke) which supplies Cynarin is a phenolic compound that is responsible for proper and complete digestion. Cynarin is important to ensure that there is a stimulation of bile from the liver and is also shown to increase the production of bile that helps to speed up the movement of food and waste through the intestines and reduce feeling of bloating.

There are lots of clinical trials that shows the effectiveness of these 2 components in protecting the liver cells.

Suitable for those who are

  1. taking too much dietary fats, refined carbohydrate and sugar
  2. consuming chemicals and drugs
  3. highly stressed and has high oxidative stress level.
  4. obese and overweight
  5. suffering from fatty liver
  6. exposed to substantial amount of toxins. For example those working in factories and are exposed to lead or heavymetal
  7. smokers, heavy consumption of alcohol

Packaging: 1 box of 30 capsules


Take 1 capsule 2 times daily before meal.