Slimix Detox

A healthy and natural way to achieve a healthier and leaner body, Slimix is easy to drink, can be served cold, fast soluble and has a refreshing lime flavour.


66 in stock

66 in stock



Slimix is suitable for those struggling with weight management, lack of exercise, long-term constipation, consumption of too much oily food or simply those needing a periodic detox.

Product Description:

  1. A complete 10 day supply contains;
  2. Chlorophyll as a blood cleanser, detox and to alkalize the blood.
  3. Fruit Enzyme to maintain a high alkaline blood pH level to improve the digestive system and relieve constipation.
  4. Dandelion extract that help to lose the water weight, eliminate toxins in the kidney and urinary tract.
  5. Lime extract to help prevent constipation, regulate metabolism for a healthy weight loss and clear toxins.
  6. Vitamin C that has powerful antioxidants to fight against free radicals that build up in an unhealthy environment.

Packing: 1 box contains 10 sachets


Mix 1 sachet with 50ml cool water daily.