Stiflex is a unique blend to prevent the eyes from early deterioration and to ease neck and shoulder pain.

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160 in stock



The 4 main ingredients in Stiflex is:

  1. Contains Black Currant Anthocyanoside (BCA) which has the main antioxidant ingredient Cyanidin -3-glucoside (C3G). It speeds up the regeneration of Rhodopsin, allowing for quicker dark adaptation and optimizing visual acuity.
  2. BCA at 50mg has shown to greatly reduce visual fatigue due to prolonged visual display terminal (computer screen) after 2 hours of consumption.
  3. BCA improves night vision by regeneration of rhodopsin in the retina which will be improved by the ability of the eyes to adjust to darkness and recovery from blinding glare.
  4. BCA has the ability to increase the ocular circulation to the eyes which is critical for eye health and visual performance.
  5. BCA has a potent anti-oxidant activity which is important to eliminate free radicals that is one of the main reasons that cause dry eyes.
  6. Contains Lutein & Zeaxanthin which are the two main important carotenoids in the eye.
  7. Lutein & Zeaxanthin protect the macula- the lens by having high anti-oxidants to absorb damaging blue light, risk reduction for age related macular degeneration (which is a risk factor for diabetic patients).
  8. Lutein & Zeaxanthin effectively increased the optical density of the macular pigment in the eyes. Therefore it protects against macular degeneration.

This unique blend is also suitable for

  1. working adults who spend long hours in front of screen- computers, hand phones and tablets
  2. age related macular degeneration
  3. poor vision
  4. strained dry eyes
  5. tired eyes with visible red veins
  6. Drivers with night vision troubles and those who have trouble driving at night due to glare

Product Description:

Packaging: 7’s x 2gm


1 sachet daily in the morning