Tymerc is the natural way to reduce pain & inflammation


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Turmeric is often consumed as a dietary supplement for a variety of conditions, such as arthritis, digestive disorders, respiratory infections, allergies, and many others. Currently, we have the scientific evidence and trials to support the therapeutic dosage and safety of this ancient remedy.

Curcumin is the main compound in turmeric. The effects of turmeric comes from curcuminoids.

Tymerc, a complete natural turmeric matrix is used or known as (CNTM) with Polar-Nonpolar-Sandwich (PNS) technology that protects the curcumin inside the resulting matrix.

Properties of the CNTM with PNS technology:-

  1. increase water solubility
  2. bioavailability,
  3. stability
  4. health benefits.
  5. enhances physical stability
  6. protects curcuminoids from degradation in the body
  7. provide longer circulation
  8. better permeability
  9. control curcuminoid release at the desired time and specific target

The CNTM also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive effect and has 10 times higher bioavailability than normal curcuminoids. The effect of the product can be seen as early as 1 hour and the optimum effect at 4 hours after consumption.

The formulation of CNTM using PNS technology is safe and effective. This is proven by a clinical study that was done on 36 patients who were diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis for a period of 3 months. Patients who received CNTM showed that it acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent that is efficient in pain management for the disease. Tymerc would be an effective pain reliever and the best solution for inflammation issues through out the body.

Suitable for:

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Diabetes
  3. Post-operative inflammation
  4. Peptic ulcer
  5. Psoriasis
  6. Recurrent respiratory tract infection
  7. Chronic bacterial infections


500 mg Turmeric (CNTM) extract per tablet.
30 tablets per box.


Take 1-2 tablets daily before meal with water