World Teachers Day

World Teachers Day

World Teachers’ Day falls on the 5th of October with a theme every year. This day provides all in the education industry the acknowledgement of their efforts in global education. It sets as an annual occasion to raise awareness on the challenges that the teachers face and their part in achieving global education targets. This year, the theme will be “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future”.

Undoubtedly, the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the education system and learning sectors where they were put to be innovative and to come up with ways to deliver education materials effectively through online learning platforms. Without a proper guide or the assistance from the education authorities, the frontliners of the education sector are showing great engagement and adaptability to an on-going situation to maintain the education system.

As the quote by Aristotle goes by

We know and appreciate the efforts of the teachers as they play a crucial role in the development of society at a young age. Teachers do more than just completing a course syllabus, they also take part in shaping young minds and their future.


Moving over to using online learning platforms, the long hours spent in front of the computer screens can cause muscle stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Today, let us treat our teachers with Japan’s No. 1 therapeutic devices, Pip Magneloop and Pip Elekiban. They are odourless, comfortable, waterproof and non-irritating. These products apply a natural magnetic principle with no chemicals to eliminate deep fatigue and improve stiffness by promoting blood circulation.

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Magneloop uses high grade silicon and rare earth magnets which emit magnetic force from the whole loop. Not only for the shoulders, we also have a solution to treat your arms, back, lower back and legs. Elekiban uses long lasting adhesive plaster which can be attached to parts of the body up to 5 days without falling

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